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Withdraw money from Ice Casino - KYC

You need to complete the KYC process before you can withdraw your winnings from any online casino. We show you the process in the video. We use Ice Casino as an example, but the process will be very similar in other casinos.

The KYC abbreviation stands for Know Your Customer. Online casinos must have certain KYC processes in order to retain their gambling license. Therefore, online casinos will ask for proof of your identity before allowing any money withdrawal. What documents are required are depending on the actual casino.

In the case of Ice Casino, you will need to verify three things: identity, address, and the ownership of funds we used for depositing. It is important to follow the instructions and provide the documents in the correct format. Typically, you will need to upload a passport and a bank statement (but there are other options too). When you uploaded the documents, you will see orange coloured tick mark icons next to the documents.

Once you uploaded the required documents you should start a money withdrawal request. Ice Casino aims to complete KYC in 2-3 working days. In practice, our viewers experienced a week or even a bit longer. Viewers told us, that urging Ice Casino via their customer service email address ([email protected]) is a good way to get some priority.

When the KYC completes you will find green tick mark icons on your documents. If there was a problem with a document then you will see red error sign. After the KYC completes your first money withdrawal request goes into an approval stage. Depending on how big is the amount, the approval process can take a few days. You will notice that your casino account balance will remain unchanged during the KYC process. It is recommended to not to use your casino balance while the withdrawal is complete.