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How to play Monopoly Live

If you're a fan of Monopoly and enjoy gambling, Monopoly Live is the perfect game for you. In this guide, we'll explain how to play Monopoly Live, a popular online casino game that combines elements of the classic board game with a live wheel of fortune-style game. Let's dive in!

Introduction to Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is an exciting online casino game that features a large wheel with 54 segments, a live host, and Mr. Monopoly as a secondary host for specific segments. The game is broadcast live from a studio, allowing players to interact with the host and place bets on various segments of the wheel.

Understanding the Monopoly Live Wheel

The Monopoly Live wheel consists of 54 segments, each with different betting options and outcomes. The segments include:

The number of each segment on the wheel is as follows:

Segment Number of Segments
1 22
2 15
5 7
10 4
Two Rolls 3
Four Rolls 1
Chance 2
Monopoly wheel and main game
Monopoly Live main game with the wheel

Placing Bets in Monopoly Live

Before the host spins the wheel, players must place their bets on the segments they think will come out. The minimum bet is 0.2 USD. Here's what each segment means and how much you can win:

Winning Chances and RTP

The chance of landing on each segment varies. For instance, there's approximately a 40% chance for 1x to occur, while the chance for "4 rolls" is less than 2%. It's important to remember that each segment's Return to Player (RTP) is above 91% in the long term, with the "2x" segment having the highest RTP of 96.23%.

Segment Chance RTP
1x 40.7% 92.88%
2x 27.7% 96.23%
5x 12.9% 91.3%
10x 7.4% 96.02%
Two Rolls 5.5% 93.9%
Four Rolls 1.8%
Chance 3.7% 93.67%
Monopoly bonus game feature
Monopoly Live bonus game feature

Strategies for Monopoly Live

There is no strategy that could change the RTP over the long run. However, betting strategies can be used to add structure to you betting style (such as the Martingale strategy).