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An Insight into the World of Scratch Cards and Lottery Games with Sujit Lahiry

CasinoLove recently had the opportunity to interview Sujit Lahiry, the CEO of Skilrock Technologies. Skilrock Technologies is a prominent company in the gaming industry, best known for its omni-channel and omni-gaming platform. This platform allows the company to sell through any channel, including ground sales, online sales, or self-service terminals.

During the interview, Lahiry discussed the diverse range of games that Skilrock supports, including lottery, Keno, scratch cards, and many other instant-win and sports games. The company deals with more than 12 types of games, catering to various international clients.

Bringing Local Games to the Global Stage

When asked to present some of the company's scratch cards, Lahiry unveiled examples that demonstrate the company's global reach and local relevance. These included a scratch card popular in Uganda, based on the theme of Matatu, a local game with a history stretching back more than 200 years. He also highlighted a scratch card game from East Timor, based on the traditional village game Bola Guling.

Beyond Supplying: Licensing and Facilitating

Skilrock Technologies isn't just a supplier. It also operates with a gambling license in India and functions as a supplier to operators who have local licenses outside India. The company also extends its services to help others obtain permits, demonstrating its comprehensive involvement in the gaming industry.

From Concept to Delivery

When questioned about the process of creating scratch tickets, Lahiry explained that Skilrock can assist with everything from market research to game design, including the mathematical aspects, appearance, and prize structure. Utilizing their proprietary software, Statsviewer, Skilrock can expedite the development process, ensuring that the best design recommendations and security aspects are in place.

Understanding the Pricing

The price of scratch tickets primarily depends on the quantity ordered. The cost per ticket decreases with large orders, making it more economical for the client. Lahiry also discussed how the size of the main prize and the number of coupons in the series influence the selling price of the lottery ticket. He underscored that understanding player habits and the market competition are crucial factors in the pricing process. Typically, the production cost represents between 5% and 8% of the price of the ticket.

Ensuring Security and Fair Play

Addressing the concerns about scams, Lahiry elaborated on the various layers of defense Skilrock employs. These include designing the lottery tickets to provide protection against scratch-off type frauds, placing hidden symbols on the tickets, particularly for big prizes, and using the VIRN code on the lottery tickets. An additional layer of defense involves testing the paper material and ink used for the lottery tickets, as each has a unique chemical imprint that isn't easily reproduced.

When asked the common question of whether it's possible to cheat on scratch cards, Lahiry unequivocally stated that with the numerous layers of security and checks in place, it's almost impossible to cheat the system.


Overall, the interview provided an illuminating glimpse into the world of scratch cards and lottery games, showcasing the depth of work that goes into each ticket and the strict measures employed to ensure fair play. Skilrock Technologies, under the leadership of Sujit Lahiry, continues to innovate and expand in the gaming industry, providing a diverse range of games to a global audience while maintaining local relevance.