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Casino boosted accounts? Phoenix 7's Tech Director interview

Discover insights from Igor Poltorak. He is the Technical Director at the Phoenix 7 gaming company. Learn about game development, licensing, and upcoming games.

Who is Igor Poltorak?

As the Technical Director of Phoenix 7, Igor Poltorak is at the helm of developing and managing the technological aspects of the company's gaming offerings. Phoenix 7 is a new game development company with bases in Tokyo and Ukraine.

Boosted Accounts and Licensing

When asked about boosted accounts in licensed casinos, Poltorak stated categorically that it is not possible in a licensed casino, especially one certified with the MGA (Malta) license like Phoenix 7. He explained that every line and letter of the code is reviewed during the game development process by independent auditing firms like BMM Testlabs. Any logic added to the code to artificially boost some accounts' Return to Player (RTP) would prevent the game from being licensed. Any attempts to change the game after licensing could lead to serious legal repercussions.

Return to Player (RTP)

However, Poltorak clarified that it is possible to implement different RTP levels within a game. He used Phoenix 7's game Ninja Strike as an example, which has a base game RTP of 96.49% and a bonus game RTP of 97.1%. This information is transparently available to players in the help section of their games.

Poltorak's Favorite Game

Asked about his personal favorite game, Poltorak enthusiastically showed off "Meteor of Chaos", a game inspired by the "Kaiju" style. "Kaiju" is a Japanese cultural phenomenon known for its iconic characters like Godzilla. In "Meteor of Chaos", players encounter similar monstrous creatures out to destroy cities.

The game has a "Rage Mode" feature that offers higher RTP but requires a higher stake. Poltorak was keen to emphasize that the increase in RTP in this mode isn't free – it's tied to the higher stake.

Trying Phoenix 7 Games for Free

Poltorak confirmed that all of Phoenix 7's games can be played for free on their official website. This allows potential players to try their hand at the games without making a financial commitment.


The interview concluded with Poltorak expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to share more about Phoenix 7 and its games. We look forward to seeing what this exciting new company will bring to the gaming world in the future.