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Opening an online casino business? Interview with Slotegator

We interviewed Mariam Amirkhanyan about the process of opening a new online casino business. Mariam is a Sales Manager at Slotegator, and she surprised us with how easy the process can be.

Founded in 2012, Slotegator has grown into a robust team of 120 professionals operating from Central Europe and Eastern Europe. The company has successfully launched over 60 projects in various markets and continues to provide daily operational support. Among its services are Turnkey or White Label Online Casino Solutions, Games Integration, and obtaining iGaming licenses. In other words, Slotegator offers everything a business needs to hit the ground running.

Services Provided by Slotegator

In a recent interview, Mariam Amirkhanyan, the Sales Manager at Slotegator, detailed the main services that the company provides. These services include turnkey solutions, customizable sites, and the integration of numerous casino game providers and sports betting functions. The company also assists with the acquisition of gambling licenses.

Introducing a Unique Feature: The Telegram Bot

Mariam introduced an innovative service offered by Slotegator - a bot that operates within the Telegram chat application. This service presents a unique opportunity for gambling operators, providing players with a new, alternative way to play. The bot is easy to use, and after registration, users can access almost any game, including providers, live casino games, and more.

Starting an Online Casino with Slotegator

For individuals interested in opening an online casino, Slotegator offers two options: a turnkey solution and a customizable option, also known as "white label". The turnkey option is recommended for those who wish to obtain the gambling licenses themselves, with support available from Slotegator. On the other hand, the customizable option utilizes licenses already obtained by Slotegator. This option also encompasses anti-money laundering (AML), risk management, customer service, and more.

The Process of Opening an Online Casino

Mariam outlined the main steps involved in opening an online casino. First, Slotegator works with the client to develop a business plan. Once the plan is ready, the team moves into the implementation phase, which includes graphic design, activation of game providers, activation of payment methods, and the development of any other functions entrusted to them by the client.

Website Customization

Slotegator provides a tool called "Casino Constructor", which allows clients to modify the appearance of their website themselves. This tool offers a range of customization options, from moving elements on the webpage to changing the content and appearance of the page. New features are added to the platform every month, ensuring that clients can create a website that fits their unique needs and preferences.

Timeline for Starting a Casino

The timeframe for starting a casino largely depends on the client's needs and the size of the project. Typically, the process takes around three months, but more unique projects may require additional time. The Slotegator team prioritizes delivering the project as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Advice for Aspiring Online Casino Operators

Mariam's primary advice for someone wanting to start an online casino site is to have a good team. According to her, people are the key to every successful project. Teaming up with like-minded individuals, including specialists in areas such as marketing and bonus strategy, is crucial for success.