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How to play Dragon tiger

Learn the rules of this online game show. It is very easy to play. Use your intuition to decide which character will win the round. Or will it be draw?

The Dragon Tiger is a popular casino game that is played with 8 decks of French cards, without jokers. The dealer distributes one card to the left, on behalf of the Dragon, and one card to the right, on behalf of the Tiger, in each round. The character with the higher value card wins. The smallest card is the Ace, which is worth one point, and the highest is the King. A draw can also occur.

Placing Bets

Players can bet on four outcomes:

  1. The Dragon wins,
  2. The Tiger wins,
  3. Regular draw,
  4. Color match draw.

If the character you bet on wins, the stake amount is also the prize amount. In the case of a draw, you can bet on a simple draw, winning 11 times your stake. Alternatively, you can bet on a draw where the color of the cards also matches, yielding 50 times the stake as winnings. If you bet on either character but the result is a draw, you only lose half your stake.

Similarities to Roulette

As can be seen, this game is somewhat similar to playing roulette, but only with red, black, and zero. The return value for betting on characters is also similar to roulette, at 96.2%. It is important to note that the return on a draw bet is much worse, at 89.6%. Moreover, the return on a color match draw bet is even worse, at 86%.

Card Counting and Betting Strategies

For those who count cards, it is worth knowing that the dealer shuffles after approximately two-thirds of the cards are dealt. Betting strategies such as the Martingale can also be used in this game.

Betting Outcome Return Value
Character (Dragon/Tiger) win 96.2%
Regular draw 89.6%
Color match draw 86%