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About Us - iGaming Video Creation Studio

We are a creative video content creation studio specialized in the iGaming industry. Providing end-to-end services from ideation to even support publishing, we cater to global partners with diverse video needs.

Some of the brands we worked with

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Products & pricing

Game Tutorial video service for iGaming

Game tutorials

(From €350 per 5 minutes)*
Engaging and straightforward tutorials that highlight the unique aspects, rules, and strategies of various games. Whether it's:
  • Classic table games
  • Crash games
  • Fishing games
  • Live games, shows
  • Scratch cards, lottery games
  • Mini games
We focus on clarity and engagement, making complex game mechanics accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
Game Livestream video service for iGaming

Gaming livestreams

(From €450 per 1 hour)*
Experience the power of community building and the excitement of gaming through our professional streaming services. Our seasoned streamers, operating from well-equipped studios, are adept at showcasing the thrill of gaming to a wide audience.
  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaniously
  • Simple (RNG) and skill games
  • Manage raffles, giveaways
  • Adhere to brand guidelines
  • Promote and moderate
Gameplay video service for iGaming

Gameplay videos

(From €300 per 10 minutes)*
Perfect tool to showcase the dynamics and excitement of the game offering. Each video is engaging, and tailored to your target audience.
  • Real-time gameplay recording with big win moments
  • Theme appropriate environment and special locations
  • Natural reactions and knowledgable commentary
  • Cosplay and other engaging outfits
Professional video interview service for iGaming

Professional interview videos

(From €550 per 15 minutes)*
Ideal for corporate pages and LinkedIn, our interview videos can be shot at a conference, in your office, or at our studio. We collaborate closely with you to prepare and refine interview questions, ensuring a smooth and minimal preparation process.
  • Raising brand awareness and showcasing your company's latest developments.
  • Highlighting recent achievements and awards.
  • Offering a glimpse 'behind the scenes'.
Promotional videos for iGaming ads

Promotional videos

(From €500 per 5 minutes)*
Support your promotions and ad campaigns with highly converting videos! Whether it's about:
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Promo codes
  • Tournaments
  • Loyalty programs
Videos also help to clarify the claiming process and highlight the most important terms.
Branded content video service for iGaming

Branded content

(From €650 per project)*
Focuses less on directly selling a product and more on building a brand's identity, storytelling, and engaging with the audience on a deeper level.
Resonates with the target audience's interests and values, thereby fostering a stronger, more emotional connection with the brand.
  • Music videos
  • Podcasts
  • Behind-the-scenes

Video portfolio in 90 seconds

* Please note, the prices listed are 'starting from' prices and are indicative only. We understand that each video project is unique, and so we offer personalized pricing based on your specific needs. This includes video production, licensing, localization, and any other publishing requirements. We're flexible and ready to accommodate a variety of pricing models. For a tailored quote and to discuss different pricing options, please get in touch with us.

Features and extra services

Localisation service for iGaming


Expand your global reach with our comprehensive localization solutions, available in over 40 languages.

Whether you opt for the efficiency of automated services or the depth of human translation and voice acting, we ensure that your videos are perfectly adapted.
SEO article for Video

SEO Article

Enhance your video content with a matching, SEO-optimized web article. Our service expertly converts the video we've produced for you into a compelling article format. We ensure that the written content not only complements the video but also adheres to SEO best practices to maximize online visibility.

About us

Welcome to our world of creativity and technology, where we blend our expertise in video content creation with our profound understanding of the iGaming industry. As a young and dynamic startup based in Hungary, we've quickly expanded our operations since our founding in 2021, collaborating with partners from across the globe.

We are proud to serve a diverse portfolio of clients, including game studios, gaming operators, tech providers, and affiliates. Despite the surging popularity of video as a media format, we noticed a distinct gap in the iGaming sector - many industry players were struggling to develop captivating, effective video content in-house. This is where our specialized knowledge and services come into play.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of end-user expectations within the iGaming arena, we offer a complete video production service, spanning ideation, scripting, actor sourcing, recording, editing, translating, and supporting publishing. We cater to various popular video formats, such as TikTok shorts, YouTube videos, interviews, livestreams, and podcasts, and can shoot on-site, in-studio, or at events. We work with real presenters and fictional ones too (eg. BetGent).

Explore our work on, a platform that not only showcases our productions but also demonstrates how affiliates can effectively blend traditional web formats with video content. Our services extend beyond video production. Depending on the content of the video, we can also generate accompanying web articles optimized for search engines (SEO) and accessibility.

At our studio, we understand the importance of providing exceptional value. We employ the latest technology to streamline our production workflow and have a team of experts adept at their craft. This combination enables us to work efficiently and maintain competitive pricing. We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn, experience the blend of creativity, technology, and industry knowledge we bring to every project. Let's transform your video content together.